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One of the most romantic villages on the Mallorcan west coast is the little town Deia.

You can find Deia on the famous excursion route directly on the cliff coast road in the west of Mallorca on highway MA-10. This tour takes you from Paguera to just before Puerto de Soller and is a must for every Mallorca holiday program.

Deia itself is a dreamy mountain village. Most tourists fail to discover the true beauty of Deia by driving only on the coastline roads. As you drive into Deia, you immediately see the town’s landmark in front of you on a hill – the village church and its cemetery where the famous English writer Robert Ranke Graves is buried. Immediately after the town’s signpost there is a carpark on the left. You should stop here because parking in the town is very limited. When you have parked your car, the path to the village church cannot be overlooked. The modest „climb“ winds up a small, romantic pathway to the top and even at the slowest pace takes maximum 10 minutes. After visiting Deia’s church, you should visit the cemetery behind, it may sound macabre for some but from this cemetery, you have the most beautiful view of the wooded hillsides of the west coast and the sea. Deia is still a small village, of which there are so few, well worth a visit for its exceptional beauty.

Cala Figuera on the east coast of Mallorca

A wonderful gem…

Cala Figuera on the east coast of Mallorca. Even in high season at lunch-time, this small coastal village was quiet with few tourists out and about. Hardly any hotels are directly in Cala Figuera, there are not many day trippers who visit the town. Those who have found this little place must be well informed about the beauty of the island. Cala Figuera is a relatively small bay between two rock cliffs. This bay branches again in the town into two small peninsulas where the resident’s boats are moored. For those who like to walk, a visit to the distant rocky cliffs is recommended. Take the footpath towards Hotel “Villa Sirena”, directly behind the hotel are the easily accessible rocky cliffs that offer a fantastic view of the small town Cala Figuera.
In the evenings, these cliffs are used by the locals for picnics with bottles of wine and candles. After the cliffs, a stroll through the two small harbours is particularly recommended. The narrow path leads directly past the local residential homes. The walk through this area is one of the highlights of a visit to Cala Figuera. Just look at the pictures J Unfortunately, there’s no beach for swimmers. You should head with your rental car to one of the neighbouring bays. There is not much more to write about here, but the atmosphere that shines through should be experienced.


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